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University of Alabama

NHM699  Dissertation Research. 2023                 

NHM698  Non-Dissertation Research, 2021, 2023              

NHM611  Nutritional Neuroscience, 2020

NHM599  Thesis Research, 2019, 2021

NHM598  Non-Thesis Research, 2019, 2021                  

NHM573  Advanced Vitamins and Minerals (online), 2023-Present       

NHM561  Advanced Vitamins and Minerals (online), 2022-2023

NHM499  Undergraduate Research, 2019, 2021, 2022         

NHM491  Directed Professional Study, 2019

NHM490  Directed Individual Study, 2020

NHM362  Nutrition at Cell Level, 2018- Present                   

NHM362  Nutrition at Cell Level (online), 2023, 2024

NHM361  Nutritional Biochemistry, 2017-Present

NHM361  Nutritional Biochemistry (online), 2022        

NHM101  Introduction to Human Nutrition, 2018-2022

UA156     Undergraduate Research (Emerging Scholars Program), 2022-Present


Yale University

Yale Scientific Teaching Fellows Program, 2016

Sookmyung Women's University

Biochemistry (TA), 2001              

Teacher's Certificate, 2001


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